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The Duke and Miss Amabel Hawkins

DukeAndMissAnabelCan an arrogant duke overcome his prejudice against a beautiful but managing female in time to find true love and happiness?

The Duke arrives home to find his estate under the firm control of a beautiful but managing female. His suspicions are fueled by his recent task of spy-hunting and he wonders if Amabel Hawkins is just who she seems. While a dastardly spy lurks, a wicked man poses as her cousin threatening to take over the guardianship of her young brother. Amabel might be falling in love, but she knows for certain the duke would never approve of a meddlesome woman, and she decides to flee his estate. Will the duke finally realize the true value of the woman he loves or will his prejudice ruin his chances forever?

Excerpt: Fatigue and the effects of the brandy on top of the ale now gave his gait a distinct wobble. He chuckled, amused at his condition.

As he reached for the portrait of great Uncle Barney, he lurched into the back of the red leather sofa in front of the cosy fire. “Deuce take it,” he exclaimed when a rounded arm rolled into view. He spotted the gentle curve of a hip and walked around to the front, where he spied a tumbled haze of dark curls hiding a face. It is indeed a female—a sleeping female.

Who was she? The gown was too rich for his household staff. Curious, he knelt beside the sofa.

“Only one way to find out,” he whispered and moved one dark curl. He sat back, satisfied when a handsome face swam into view. She sighed and rolled over, revealing a generous figure and a pair of rosy lips. She might be Sleeping Beauty—but not one of my relatives. He leaned over and kissed those tempting lips.

As he lingered there, she sighed and came partially awake. He could not resist. He deepened the kiss and sounds of satisfaction like yum and umm came from those delicious lips. Her hand stroked his face, then reached around his head to pull him closer. Delighted with this turn of events, the Duke of Westerton complied enthusiastically and extended an arm around a slender waist. How much of the ale and brandy had he imbibed? Dizziness overcame his senses as he slid down on the floor and knew no more.

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A Scandalous Design

Can a vicar’s daughter marry a handsome nobleman and still achieve her dreams for designing gowns?

On the road to London, Melanie Robinson meets a widowed French woman and a handsome aristocrat. The first she makes a partner in a clandestine business venture. The second she hopes will become her partner in love for life, if she can reconcile her need to create with her love’s strict social requirements for his bride.

A handsome rogue enters the picture when the arrogant lord makes a misstep, leaving Melanie the object of gossip. Lord Pearson returns to town thinking he has lost his love, while Melanie assumes he is upset over her business ventures. Can the handsome lord manage to recapture his love’s attention or will she turn to the man who best understands her unusual ambitions.

Enjoy an excerpt from A Scandalous Design here.

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Belinda, My Love

belindamylove-200A handsome rogue attempts to win the heart of a young girl without fatally damaging her reputation.

Young Belinda has one special passion– the art of healing, which she calls God’s work–but she willingly makes room for a deep friendship with a handsome rogue from London. She assumes he thinks she is too young for romance.

The viscount thought he understood the attraction between men and women. But after just one glimpse of the vicar’s youngest daughter, he dropped like a stone at the red-headed beauty’s feet. When he learns to his chagrin that Belinda is just out of the schoolroom, he vows to wait until she has her Season before he declares his love.

Which rival will best the viscount? The handsome young cousin who shares Belinda’s passion for healing the sick? Or the science of medicine itself? Will the rogue’s tentative approach finally upset his plans and send a wrong message to his love?

Enjoy an excerpt from Belinda, My Love here.

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Beloved Soldier Returns

belovedsoldierreturns-200A wounded British soldier faces amnesia and frustrating dreams, but is finally well enough to reclaim his fiancée and his heritage when a gypsy woman arrives to share an important secret.

Robert Cooper-Hanton, a soldier who fought against Napoleon at Waterloo, is seriously wounded and suffers amnesia but survives in a gypsy camp for three years. Pockets of memory are still missing, leaving him with dreams of people with no names, when he makes the decision to begin his journey home. He has no conscious remembrance of a fiancée he left behind but is not surprised to learn that a cousin has usurped his property. When neighborhood friends reveal the fact of his engagement to Lynda Clarington, his memory of her returns in a flash and he recognizes the woman of his dreams.

Lynda had struggled without much success to accept her loss and is overjoyed to learn that Cooper is alive. She has loved him since childhood, but can she adjust to a man who seems irrevocably changed? When a gypsy woman shows up searching for Cooper, Lynda is plagued with doubt. Will Cooper manage to reunite with his old life and the woman he loves or will he remain lost in his hazy memories, dreams and a changed reality?

Enjoy an excerpt from Beloved Soldier Returns here.

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Dark Domino

darkdomino-200Sarah Louise and Ethan have loved each other all their lives, but a war and time apart may have jeopardized their relationship.

Ethan has been away at war for six long years—without a single letter to the young girl he left behind. He is certain she has forgotten him, but he is still drawn to her. Dressed for a masquerade in a dark domino, he leads her to the garden and tries to steal a kiss. Sarah does not know why the man in the dark domino is so familiar, and why a stranger should give her a feeling of home. When Ethan reveals his identity, Sarah’s anger and hurt overwhelm even her love. Can a new life be built on the foundations of a first love? Or will the Dark Domino remain alone forever?

Enjoy an excerpt from Dark Domino here.

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My Passionate Love

mypassionatelove-200The vicar’s eldest daughter, resigned to spinsterhood, has developed an unreasonable prejudice against her handsome neighbor, but Lord Sutcliffe is smitten by her passionate nature and vows to win her over. The two young people struggle to take their rightful places in society and, on the way, to share a lasting love for each other.

Lord Sutcliffe meets a pretty miss on a dusty country road and rescues her from her embarrassing dilemma. It must have been magic as his intention was only to steal a quick buss. Instead he is astonished to find himself involved in a passionate kiss which leaves him shaken to the core. Frances, the vicar’s daughter, should have put that impudent, frivolous lord in his place. Why she responded to his kiss the way she did, she’d never know. She knew she should not have, but the feelings were just too delicious to resist.

Frances consumed with prejudice and the baron filled with pride enter a relationship which begins with them both skeptical they would ever measure up to the roles they were destined to play. What did he know about estate matters? He was a military man, born and bred. Would he ever learn to fill the shoes of the great men who went before him? How could he convince the vicar’s daughter to help him fill his lonely days not to mention join him in the long nights? Would Frances give up her quest to fill her mother’s shoes and find a place of her own? Or would her insecurities cause her to turn away from the passionate, happily ever after love so freely offered.

Enjoy an excerpt from My Passionate Love here.

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