My Passionate Love

mypassionatelove-200An excerpt from My Passionate Love:

“There you are! Free at last.” He offered her a hand, which she haughtily ignored, her tiny nose stuck high in the air. She shook her skirts and scrambled out onto the dusty lane to stand beside him.

He admired the perfect picture she made as she stood with the sun highlighting her flushed cheeks and tumbled hair in which a leaf or two still nestled. Late in His Majesty’s service, where rough-and-tumble was the norm, the baron struggled briefly with his self control.

“Probably all a dream anyway.” He shrugged and then quick as a wink reached an arm around her waist, pulled her close and planted a firm kiss on those rosy, pouting lips.

“Do not disappear in a puff of smoke, little sprite, or turn me into a frog, will you?” he murmured as his lips descended again. No doubt he was under a spell of enchantment where normal rules and customs were suspended and fairies, elves and wood nymphs cast spells on unsuspecting but willing passersby.

He drew a deep breath as his lips gently, then more firmly, covered hers, warm from the sun and temptingly pliable.

The fiery-haired sprite’s mouth dropped open. She uttered a small squeak at the exact moment Richard’s lips settled firmly on hers. He was deep in his own imagined world with a spell leading him into mischief. Those seductive lips parted to give him an easy entry.

Richard, certainly no slow top, slipped past her guard and gave the kiss more heat and energy than he had originally intended–with amazing results. Magic fairy dust, indeed! The sun overhead blessed the kiss with an explosion of light as warmth spread across their shoulders.

After an infinitesimal pause, the young lady leaned toward him and responded to the touch of his lips on hers. Her eyes fluttered and closed. One arm held her basket, but the other rose in a tentative motion to clasp him by the shoulder. Had she pulled him closer?

After what seemed like hours but was probably mere seconds of astonishingly delightful sensations, he opened his eyes and gazed into hers with their lips still sweetly engaged. Was that sweet sound coming from her? Did she sigh?


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