What is a Regency Romance?

awonderfulwickedduke-200We’ve discussed many times what exactly a Regency Romance is, a period of time in English history when King George III was unable to conduct the country’s business and his son was appointed in his place as a “Regent.”  I call the stories of that period a relaxed read and hope readers agree. Certainly I enjoy writing these light stories with a sweet rating and a historical setting.  I tell folks to remember that Jane Austenscandalousdesign-200 wrote the first Regency novel, but for her it was a contemporary. This wonderful author gave us a firm glimpse of life in the English countryside for a gentleman and his family.

Georgette Heyer was probably the next most influent author for the Regency period. Her light touch and sense of humor (writing in the ’50’s) keeps her books popular long past her own lifetime. Aficionados of the genre appreciate the many examples which follow and are now available.  Examples of this short period of time, 1811 until King George IV was crowned in 1820, are still popular and a favorite genre.




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