Wednesday Writers–Excerpt from Snapshot Suspicions by Janis Lane

Catherine Castle

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you’re all wearing the green, so you don’t get pinched, if that’s even a thing in today’s world. It was when I attended school years ago. If I forgot to wear green, I always claimed an exemption because I had green eyes. The potential pinchers didn’t know what to do with that, but it gave me time to escape. Wednesday Writers isn’t celebrating St. Paddy’s today on the blog. Instead, we have guest author Janis Lane who will be sharing an excerpt from her romantic cozy mystery Snapshot Suspicions. Welcome, Janis!

Snapshot Suspicions is an adventure with Abby, beautiful, vagabond wildlife photographer, and Adam, ruggedly handsome, millionaire protector of the environment.

A dangerous wildlife mystery requires the close attention of Adam and the local sheriff as Abby deals with two hired goons stalking her with a grudge. Basking in the rosy contentment of their…

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