Wednesday Special Spotlight Tantalizing Cod #recipe from @SharonTaylor2

C.D. Hersh

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

The cook extraordinaire Sloane Taylorwho brings us her latest new dish to try. Here’s Sloane.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the enticing aroma from this easy recipe and the taste is superb. Studs and I have served this menu to skeptical guests and they fell in love with it.

Cook pasta prior to starting fish. Re-warm by running hot water over the just noodles before serving.

Serve with Whole Grain Spaghetti, Tossed Salad, Italian Bread,
and White Wine – Pinot Grigio


    1 tbsp. olive oil
    ½ med. onion, sliced thin
    2 garlic cloves, chopped fine
    ½ cup dry white wine
    5 lg. Roma tomatoes, chopped
    ½ cup black olives, sliced
    2 tbsp. parsley, chopped or 1 tbsp. dried
    1 tbsp. capers, drained and chopped
    ¼ tsp. crushed red pepper
    4 cod fillets, about 6 oz. each
    ½ tbsp. fresh basil, chopped or…

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Tasty Tuesdays–Stuffed Flank Steak from the Kitchen of Author Janis Lane

Catherine Castle

Janis Lane is in the Tasty Tuesday Kitchen today preparing her STUFFED FLANK STEAK recipe.

Are you hungry?

Not as easy as most of my recipes but the accolades keep me whipping it up for company and family. You’ll need a generous sized steak depending on how many people you have for dinner. This serves more than you think when it’s sliced across the grain. One side of the steak is scored, not too deep, for it to “stretch” when you close it up. I usually ask my very favorite butcher to do it for me, but it’s not hard to do it yourself. Just NOT too deep or you’ll loose the integrity of the roll. Say a fraction of an inch at most.

Braise both sides until brown in a tablespoon of oil. Set aside while you prepare the stuffing.

1 ½ cups bread crumbs. I have used the…

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Friday Feature Eris Field New Book The Marital Bargain

C.D. Hersh

Friday Features’


Eris Field

Shares her excellent and well researched contemporary romance that captivates the reader from the first page through the last.

For Laury, growing up on American Naval Bases in the Middle East resulted in a fluency in languages and a wariness of men. Now, after completing a psychiatric nurse practitioner program, she faces a mountain of student loans. While waiting to learn if she’s been accepted for her dream job, she works as a private duty nurse caring for Roberta, an elderly matriarch living alone in a 30-room mansion on Billionaires’ Row. Roberta’s granddaughter had agreed to stay with her while she recovered from eye surgery, but she has disappeared along with Roberta’s money and credit cards.

Damon, Roberta’s grandson who is volunteering with Doctors Without Borders, requests emergency leave to fly home from Iraq. After his wife divorced him, Damon had vowed never to marry…

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Tasty Tuesdays–Chocolate Mousse from Carol Browne

Catherine Castle

from Carol Browne

This is an exciting dessert rich with flavor and low in calories. It’s perfect for guests or just a treat for yourself. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Image by Chris Tweten from Pixabay

Chocolate Mousse
1 ripe avocado
1 large ripe banana
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
2 tbsp. cold water

Put ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.

Spoon mixture into 4 small dishes or glasses.

Chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.

You can add your sprinkles of choice on top, e.g. coconut or chopped nuts or whatever teases your taste buds.

About the Author:

Born in Stafford in the UK, Carol Browne was raised in Crewe, Cheshire, which she thinks of as her home town. Interested in reading and writing at an early age, Carol pursued her passions at Nottingham University and was awarded an honours…

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Friday Features HOT OFF THE PRESS

C.D. Hersh

Friday Features

The latest romantic cozy mystery from none other than the super talented

Janis Lane.

You are going to thoroughly love this wonderful story. It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Snapshot Suspicions is an adventure with Abby, beautiful, vagabond wildlife photographer, and Adam, ruggedly handsome, millionaire protector of the environment.

A dangerous wildlife mystery requires the close attention of Adam and the local sheriff as Abby deals with two hired goons stalking her with a grudge. Basking in the rosy contentment of their love, Abby and Adam must trust each other as they encounter the first rift in their relationship. An engaging puppy presents a conundrum and a terrifying incident.

Abby discovers she can enjoy photographing subjects (AKC) other than wildlife and delights in setting up her own office, while Adam breathes a sign of relief when Abby makes a permanent commitment. Could she finally be thinking…

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A New Cosy Mystery from Janis Lane

Author Carol Browne

Romantic suspense/cozy mystery is definitely Janis Lane’s forte. Her latest release sets you right in the story and will keep you guessing, not to mention that you will fall in love with her characters. This is a book everyone will enjoy.

Abby Naycomb, wildlife photographer, found more than scintillating images of the birds of Central Florida. A handsome park ranger turns her world upside down even as a criminal stalker seeks to threaten her life.

Who knew trespassing in the restrictive area of a Florida State Park to get the perfect shot of the sand hill crane family would wind up with Abby Naycomb, wildlife photographer extraordinaire, meeting the most handsome park ranger in the world? Mating/nesting birds were the subject of her quest but finding those intense blue eyes in the lens of her camera was distracting and hormone inciting.

Adam Rawlings, millionaire park ranger, was as shocked as…

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Sandpiper Affair – a new release from Janis Lane!

Who knew trespassing in the restrictive area of a Florida State Park to get the perfect shot of the sand hill crane family would wind up with Abby Naycomb, wildlife photographer extraordinaire, meeting the most handsome park ranger in the world?

Mating/nesting birds were the subject of her quest but finding those intense blue eyes in the lens of her camera was distracting and hormone inciting. Adam Rawlings, millionaire park ranger, was as shocked as Abby when she accidentally discovered a murdered man buried in a shallow grave in the sand.

Face to face with an exciting relationship with Adam, the perfect man, leaves her no excuse for backing away from a growing intimacy. Vagabond Abby must consider relocating if she wants to continue an invaluable relationship with Adam, the original home town hero. Abby struggles as she continues to work deep in the breathtaking wilds of Central Florida while trying to ignore the menace of a serious and threatening stalker. Her task was to reexamine long held premises and prejudices while admiring the southern flora and fauna through the lens of her camera. Bird and nature lovers’ alert.

Download now at!

Shoes: A Black Friday Miracle

Author Anne Montgomery


I’ve never understood people’s fascination with shoes.

I’ve hated shoes all my life, because my feet hurt. One look at the sweet little footprints inked on my birth certificate might explain my disdain for footwear. I was born with a bent left foot, and though the condition was surgically repaired in my twenties, shoes … still … hurt. I’ve also had a number of other medical procedures performed on my feet over the years, but – on the off chance you’re enjoying a meal – I will spare you the details.

Birth Certificate

One study says American women on average own 27 pairs of shoes, while men own 12. Eighty-five percent of women admit there is at least one pair of shoes in their closet that they’ve never worn. The shoes are too uncomfortable – too high or tight – according to 64% of respondents. Apropos of nothing, 41% won’t wear their…

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Wednesday Special Spotlight Fall Garden Planting

C.D. Hersh

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

The green thumb of Janis Lanebringing us her gardening tips.


Some plants will perform admirably in the summer but must be stored for winter. Dahlias are a great example. Although fairly expensive, they are certainly worth investing for their gorgeous blossoms, but the fat tubers must be dug and brought inside (cellar) for the winter. There are several ways to care for them, but important is to keep them relatively dry in storage. Perhaps wrapped in newspaper and tucked safety inside a paper bag and stored on an upper shelf away from the damp floor.

After digging, the large tuber may be separated for an abundance of new plants in the next year. Each piece should contain at least three ‘eyes.” Remove as much soil as possible before storing.

Plant out in the spring when all danger of frost has left…

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Wednesday Special Spotlight Gardening Tips

C.D. Hersh

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

The green thumbed Emma Lanebringing us tips from her garden.

Gardens grow of their own volition. You labor with the lay out and lovingly place the plants. By the third year, your garden has selected what it will and will not accept. But it’s gorgeous, healthy and you wouldn’t change a single thing. (Okay, maybe you’ll move that fragrant dianthus in front of that balloon flower which is taller.) Some of it is your fault because you couldn’t resist that church sale and your neighbor shared several perennials. Status normal. Allow your garden nostalgia. You show it off by saying, “I got that one for next to nothing on sale, Susan Smith gave me that one when she moved to Florida, I miss her so! My mother-in-law finally broke down and shared that rose. Would you believe how she can make cuttings and root…

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