Welcome guest blogger, Patricia Bond

I’d like to welcome my very first guest blogger, Patricia Bond! Patricia is a romance author who sets her stories against rich, historical backdrops. With vivid, strong heroines, and heroes you can fall in love with, her stories of love transcend time and place. Passion and history combine with just enough mystery and suspense to bring you a heart-thrilling read and a satisfying happily-ever-after ending.

Today, Patricia interviews Fenton Pierce-Smythe, hero of her newly released debut novel, By Love’s Honor Bound.


Come meet the hero with the funny name…

The hero in “By Love’s Honor Bound” is, of course, the requisite tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome. He has wavy dark hair that simply begs for fingers to run through it, and deep, deep blue eyes. No namby-pamby cornflower blue for this man. No, his are dark sapphire and can glitter in passion just like the jewel.

He also has an. . . ummm. . . unusual name.

Patricia Bond: Mr. Pierce-Smythe, your first name, Fenton, is very different. How did you come to be named that?

Fenton Pierce-Smythe: Please, Ms. Bond, call me Fenton. It’s all right.  My name – well, you may not like this answer, but it came from a novel.

PB: A novel?

FP-S: Yes. My parents were traveling in England and my mother purchased something they called a “penny dreadful.”

PB: What’s that?

FP-S:  Apparently a poorly done, lurid novel.

PB: Sold for a penny?

FP-S: (smiling) Something like that. The story goes I was conceived on that trip and my mother took it as a sign.

PB: Fenton is such an unusual name. Did it cause you trouble growing up?

FP-S:  (holding up left hand) See this finger? (pointing to the little finger with a decided bend at the tip) It used to be straight until it met Timmy Parsons’ nose when we were ten.

PB:  Does your name still cause you problems?

FP-S: No. I haven’t seen Timmy Parsons in years.  I understand he’s quite successful now, and somewhat plump.  (smiles) I think I could still take him.

PB:  Yes. You are put together rather well.

FP-S:  (blushing)  Umm. . . Thank you

PB:  Would you come back to visit us again?

FP-S:  Anytime.  (slow, lazy smile) Anytime at all.

PB:  (fanning self)  Oh. . . my.

Book Excerpt from By Love’s Honor Bound:

Someone is killing conductors on the Underground Railroad. With a cellar full of runaway slaves, Olivia June Mathieson must decide whether the handsome Fenton Pierce-Smythe is savior or traitor.

Both Fenton Pierce-Smythe’s fiancée and grandfather were killed when runaway slaves spooked their horses. Determined no one else will face that pain, Fenton hunts runaways to return them safely to their owners. But can he remain unmoved by their plight and unaffected by the beautiful woman who risks her life to lead them to freedom?

Purchase By Love’s Honor Bound at Amazon.

Read some 5-star reviews:
I love history and stories with a setting I can see clearly in my mind. A little mystery makes it even better. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. (Georgia Grosstephan)

 By Love’s Honor Bound is a beautifully told story, full of history and romance. Bond takes the reader back to the time of the underground railroad and immediately pulls you into the lives of the characters, especially the main characters, Olivia June Mathieson and Fenton Pierce Smythe. Great job by debut author Bond. (Helen R. Jones)

About Patricia Bond:

Ms. Bond lives in the best place on earth – Western New York – not quite close enough to see the waterfront, but close enough that you’ll often find her there, camera and notebook in hand, patient, hero-inspiring husband nearby. “Only” four children, not a dozen, but count in their spouses and she’s up to eight now – and a grandchild

She may still try her hand at mysteries. She hasn’t seen a three-sided phone booth in years.



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