Q and A with Miss Amabel Hawkins

“Welcome to Emma Lane’s website, Miss Amabel Hawkins. Would you care for a cup of tea?”

“Thank you. I love the garden here. I assume the herb garden is in the back by the kitchen? I do so love working with herbs.” She brushed wisps of hair from her face.

Question: “You are always busy working on something. I heard you are all but managing the Westerton estate. How did Lord Westerton feel about that?”

Answer: “Oh, you heard about that set-to, did you? It was but a trifle. Yes, I thought the man was insane. I shouldn’t have boxed his ears. He thought I was a spy. (laughs) Did you ever hear such silliness?”

Q: “How did it come about that you were in charge of his affairs? Such a strImageange business for a woman, is it not?”

A: “It’s a long story. I know I lack social manners, but my godmother is trying to help me. I had a hard time learning the waltz until Lord…Westerton came in. (blushes) You know of course how desperately I need a husband. This distant cousin is threatening to take the guardianship of my brother, Darien, away. I suspect he only wants his hateful hands on Darien’s money.

Q: “How are you two getting along now? Is your host still uncomfortable having you visit? I heard he called you a meddling, managing female. Is that true?”

A: “We are reconciled. I try to stay out of his business. I had the people of Westerton trained by the time he returned home anyway. They are more than competent now.” She laughed and turned her head away.

Q: “How do you feel about Lord Westerton? Tell us the truth now. Wasn’t there a kiss between the two of you?”

A: “He is very handsome, is he not? But I must not bother him with my problems. Was that kiss a reality? I thought it was just a dream.” She gazed off in the distance.

Q: “Thanks you for visiting with us. Will you come back to see us again some day?”

A: “Oh for certain. My story will be here for all to read in the fall. Check for the release date in October. You will be surprised at the way things turned out for us.” She grinned and waved goodbye.


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