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I am happily spending prime time in the greenhouses, a small “mom and pop” nursery where “Gardening is spoken here.” Young couples in beginning gardening stop by, and at any point, you might find us plotting a new raised bed or chatting about identifying the more mature plants. My favorite thing to do at work…oh, well, I enjoy it all.

Selecting a hanging basket? Be sure to ask your clerk these important questions: Which plants tolerate shade? Which thrive in sun? Remember, while a basket is a handy way to enjoy the blooms, it is a pretty restrictive environment and requires more care. One of the more popular items right now is a cherry tomato called ‘Tumbling Tom’ which lives quite happily in a ten inch plastic basket. Water when you have your morning coffee.

Sick of weeding? Try container gardening. Add plenty of some type fertilizer to your potted soil—long, slow release is best, but a commercial liquid is okay. Follow directions. Suggest tall for your middle: Grasses, coleus, spikes are popular. Next: color scheme. I love pink and blues or yellow with orange-red for a hot splash and some sort of dangler like sweet potato vine. Any annual will love your container, but perennials may be added as well. They don’t bloom as profusion zinnialong, but their foliage is pretty. Plant more than one pot and cluster on your deck or edge of your patio. Remember to water.

A drought resistant plant flying out of the atrium right now is a bedding type called  Profusion Zinnia in 5 different colors. They grow to about 10 inches by 10 and are a riot of color, pretty carefree and very rewarding. Happy Gardening!
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9 thoughts on “News from the greenhouse

  1. hey Aunt Janis, i have a question im getting married in October and ( i will send you an invitation) was wondering what kind of flower/s would be better to have during that season? love you

    • Hi Jessica, I am unfamiliar with local garden varieties in your state. If I were there, I would delight in gathering a wonderful bouquet for you. Sadly, I am not. For a florist order, I prefer a variety called (lets see if I can spell it.) Lisianthus. It resembles a rose, but comes in many colors, one a deep, gorgeous blue. Also pink,peach, rose,red, white and varigated bicolors. They last and last as cut flowers. Visit your local florist with mom and look at the blossoms before you decide. (window shop) That’s half the fun. Three stems (they are a cluster flowr) are probably all you need. Then I would buy a pretty white satin ribbon and make a big bow. That’s it. No need to spend a fortune. Bridesmaids can carry one stem with pretty bow. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! And all the other good news. <s Fondly, Auntie Emma J.

  2. Hey Aunt Janis! Jessica is planning an October 18 wedding at a pavillion at a park. She’s trying to decide on flowers and colors for this very informal ceremony. Can you help her? My first grandbaby (boy) is due December 19. I’m so excited? I get 2 grandchildren (girls 5&6) too. I love Sofia and Jamie already.

    • Hi Donna, You can see I didn’t check my questions as often as I should have. So sorry. Life gets busy, but no excuses. Congratulations for all your good and exciting news. I recommended Lisianthus for her choice from a florist. Oct is mum time if you want to set pots around the area, but you’ll need to check with local florists to see what’s available. Don’t spend a lot. Order the stems for the brides bouquet then buy ribbon. It saves a ton of money and looks just as pretty with a fat bow. My apologies for those in the florist business. <s
      Fondly, Auntie E J

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’m afraid my garden is suffering–my health has not been good & I am looking in dispair at everything that needs to be done and I can’t do right now. Thank goodness we live in an isolated place, and pretty much the only ones who see the garden are us & very close friends. I will buy 100% of my veggies this summer from the neighbor kids (I usually buy a lot, but have some of my own) who run a roadside stand and are thrilled when they make a sale.

    As for mowing–I fought the lawn, and the lawn won,

  4. Thanks for the good post, Emma. The Profusion Zinnia will be perfect along the walkway to my front door.:)

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