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My latest Regency romance novel, The Duke and Miss Amabel Hawkins, has just been released by Musa Publishing!

There’s a particular thrill that happens to the author when a completed novel is released to the reading public. From the first glimmer of an idea to the sweat and tears of plotting, to the final edits, a writer thinks and hopes his/her ideas will be received favorably by the readers. My story is not unusual. Of course, I enjoyed the plotting. I love anything Regency. The genre, covering a particular time in English history (1811-1820), is ripe for romance. It’s a time of manners, of grace, and of witty conversation. Handsome men with bulging thigh muscles on awesome steeds and lovely ladies in breathtaking gowns who use their fans to flirt inhabit the story lines of Regency Romances.

An introduction to The Duke and Miss Amabel Hawkins

DukeAndMissAnabelAfter a year’s absence, a ruggedly handsome duke comes home from chasing his country’s spies to find a lovely but meddlesome female firmly in charge of his household. Worse, she has no idea why he is so upset. His estate matters were in dreadful array. He needn’t thank her, but why is he yelling so loudly? And the race is on. Can an arrogant duke manage to see through the unusual upbringing of this interesting female to find the love that she offers? There will surely be a few fireworks before all these conflicts are resolved and the two find their happily ever after.

Excerpt: Fatigue and the effects of the brandy on top of the ale now gave his gait a distinct wobble. He chuckled, amused at his condition.

As he reached for the portrait of great Uncle Barney, he lurched into the back of the red leather sofa in front of the cosy fire. “Deuce take it,” he exclaimed when a rounded arm rolled into view. He spotted the gentle curve of a hip and walked around to the front, where he spied a tumbled haze of dark curls hiding a face. It is indeed a female—a sleeping female.

Who was she? The gown was too rich for his household staff. Curious, he knelt beside the sofa.

“Only one way to find out,” he whispered and moved one dark curl. He sat back, satisfied when a handsome face swam into view. She sighed and rolled over, revealing a generous figure and a pair of rosy lips. She might be Sleeping Beauty—but not one of my relatives. He leaned over and kissed those tempting lips.

As he lingered there, she sighed and came partially awake. He could not resist. He deepened the kiss and sounds of satisfaction like yum and umm came from those delicious lips. Her hand stroked his face, then reached around his head to pull him closer. Delighted with this turn of events, the Duke of Westerton complied enthusiastically and extended an arm around a slender waist. How much of the ale and brandy had he imbibed? Dizziness overcame his senses as he slid down on the floor and knew no more.

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Q and A with Miss Amabel Hawkins

“Welcome to Emma Lane’s website, Miss Amabel Hawkins. Would you care for a cup of tea?”

“Thank you. I love the garden here. I assume the herb garden is in the back by the kitchen? I do so love working with herbs.” She brushed wisps of hair from her face.

Question: “You are always busy working on something. I heard you are all but managing the Westerton estate. How did Lord Westerton feel about that?”

Answer: “Oh, you heard about that set-to, did you? It was but a trifle. Yes, I thought the man was insane. I shouldn’t have boxed his ears. He thought I was a spy. (laughs) Did you ever hear such silliness?”

Q: “How did it come about that you were in charge of his affairs? Such a strImageange business for a woman, is it not?”

A: “It’s a long story. I know I lack social manners, but my godmother is trying to help me. I had a hard time learning the waltz until Lord…Westerton came in. (blushes) You know of course how desperately I need a husband. This distant cousin is threatening to take the guardianship of my brother, Darien, away. I suspect he only wants his hateful hands on Darien’s money.

Q: “How are you two getting along now? Is your host still uncomfortable having you visit? I heard he called you a meddling, managing female. Is that true?”

A: “We are reconciled. I try to stay out of his business. I had the people of Westerton trained by the time he returned home anyway. They are more than competent now.” She laughed and turned her head away.

Q: “How do you feel about Lord Westerton? Tell us the truth now. Wasn’t there a kiss between the two of you?”

A: “He is very handsome, is he not? But I must not bother him with my problems. Was that kiss a reality? I thought it was just a dream.” She gazed off in the distance.

Q: “Thanks you for visiting with us. Will you come back to see us again some day?”

A: “Oh for certain. My story will be here for all to read in the fall. Check for the release date in October. You will be surprised at the way things turned out for us.” She grinned and waved goodbye.

Through My Window

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStories that live in my imagination now have windows of opportunity. I’ve loved writing all my life. Why then did I wait so long to sit down and express my imagination formally? Could it be lack of confidence? It takes nerve and sheer determination to complete a novel. After that it gets difficult. Writing is hard work, but sending stories out to be judged and reviewed is terrifying. Authors are sensitive people and the tough skin one needs has to be cultivated for survival. There’s lots of advice out in the world about handling reviews, unkind comments or worst, nothing at all. (Hint: if you have a friend who writes, please do an honest, but kind review for him/her and post it. Anyone who reviews and posts for others is a friend of all authors and readers everywhere).

Looking through my window you may see my back “kitchen” garden. At the breakfast table I gaze out at the wild flowers blooming in high summer. Since I work in a plant nursery, you may wonder why I cultivate wild flowers. I love them. Simple as that.  The yellow blossom is a plant called Elecampane, a medicinal herb still in use in some sections of the world. It’s a tall stately plant with large, dignified leaves. It will reseed but very slowly. I leave the seeds on for the birds, mainly gold finches, who visit in the winter. More on the view out my window next post.

Sweet Joe Pye

It’s said that when Sweet Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum) blooms, summer is half over. I’ve noticed it’s definitely in bud. joe_pye_weedIt’s difficult for me with my other love to concentrate only on writing. I’m part owner in a plant nursery and our busy season is summer, of course. Still, ideas come to me when I’m out watering, selling plants, greeting customers and making bouquets for farmers’ markets, all labors of love.

Once while planting datura, an evil short story blinked into my conscious mind almost totally intact. I couldn’t wait to get home to get it all down. When I gave it out to a couple of female friends for quick beta reads, they loved it.

They still ask about it, but I haven’t found a proper home for it to be released as yet. Datura has lovely trumpet shaped blossoms but, for the uninitiated, is poison (all parts of the plant), so you might suspect a murder mystery.

Nature is a recurring theme in most of my stories. Authors write what they know and love. My Regency Romance ladies are out gathering herbs even as they plan their gowns for their coming out balls. The young women learn from their mothers how to use the “still” room to concoct formulas for household uses. Where do ideas come from for our stories? Authors borrow from real life and then take a twist or two from our imagination. It all works out somehow.

Emma Lane
soon to be released ~ THE DUKE AND MISS AMABEL HAWKINS

New stories coming up!

Happy 2013! Lots of excitement coming up. Look for a new Regency entitled “The Duke and Miss Amabel Hawkins,” scheduled to release in September by Musa Publishing. I loved writing about this character who is a “managing” female. Imagine the duke’s face when this competent woman invades his household.

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